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Gig Basics - beats



Upon user requests, we created a set of beats covering most common styles a gigging musician may encounter: Pop and Rock beats, Bossa Nova, Swing, Reggae, Rockabilly, Shuffle, Shuffle Funk, Waltz…

They are in their simplest forms with no fanciness for those of you that need just simple grooves.


Included are:

  • Bossa Nova
  • Pop Rock Basic
  • Rock Basic Quarters (NEW)
  • Halftime Rock
  • 16ths Pop
  • Reggae Straight Basic
  • Reggae Swung Basic
  • Shuffle Basic
  • Shuffle Funk
  • 6/8 Simple
  • 7/8 Simple
  • Swing
  • Rockabilly Train Straight
  • Rockabilly Swung Train
  • Waltz Simple

This album is included in The Complete Collection 2020.



Update 1.2 (Nov 2018)

  • New Song: Rock Basic Quarters (contains 6 beats on rim, snare, ride, cl hats, o hats)


Production studio: GoranGrooves

Producer: Goran Rista