Jazz Beats Collection

A comprehensive collection of simple swing Jazz beats.


Gig Essentials- Swung & Shuffle Beats

Essential beats for Blues, Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock and more. All swung, all grooving high!


Chicago- Beats In The Style Of

Play 10 of Chicago’s top hits with the help of these beats.


Cymbal Beats

A collection of cymbal beats only, perfect for light performances.


Steely Dan- Beats In The Style Of

Beats in the style of Steely Dan’s top 10 hits.


Stevie Wonder- Beats In The Style Of

Beats in the style of Stevie Wonder’s top 10 hits.


The most popular cover songs vol8

Vol.8 of some of the most requested cover songs for gigs



5th lot of songs you will most likely get requested on a gig.


Jazz Brushes – beats

Beautiful snare sweeps and more.


Gig Basics – beats

The simplest forms of essential beats you’ll need as a gigging musician. Variety of styles.