Sting- Beats In The Style Of

10 hits from the great songwriter/ artist, Sting


Drums With Percussion Beats

Drum beats are groovier and so much more fun when combined with percussion! For Standard Pro drum set only.


Cymbal Beats

A collection of cymbal beats only, perfect for light performances.


Prince- Beats In The Style Of

Beats in the style of Prince’s top 10 hits.


Hand Drum Beats mini pack

Your BB pedal came with a hand percussion set. Here are 5 songs that make full use of it, for FREE!


World Percussion Fusion Beats

Infectious percussion grooves based on rhythms from around the world.


Mallets – beats

When a gentle touch is needed – unique beats played on drums by mallets.


Hand Drum – beats

Beats specifically created for use with default PERCUSSION drumset supplied with the pedal.