Designed for Personal Drummer. Requires Beatbuddy MANAGER SOFTWARE TO LOAD It.

Major Updates To All Premium Library Content

published Oct 29, 2018

A month ago we released the entire Library collection on an SD Card. What we didn’t mention is that prior to its release, I personally spent 2 weeks carefully reviewing, noting and updating everything we had made thus far. I have now updated all individual Premium Library products, as well as the product listings and accompanying manuals. All of your purchased content that has been updated is available for re-download in your account. If you purchased the SD Card Premium Library Complete Collection, you don’t need to do anything.

Every beat pack has the changes listed at the bottom of the product description, as well as in the included PDF manual. Make sure to read the manual for important info before re-importing anything.

Here is a list of what has changed.


We removed drumset version numbers from drumset names displayed within the BeatBuddy Manager and BeatBuddy pedal. This is to make it look tidier. This change was done to all premium and default drumsets. A version number is only displayed within the .drm file name. 

What to do: You don’t need to download and re-install renamed drumsets. All you need to do is rename them in order to be compatible with future beats releases. Here is the info on how to do it.
The only drumset that has a minor change in addition to its name is Standard Pro. If you have purchased it, you should download it and re-install it. Make sure to read the included PDF file.

I tweaked the timing and execution of all beats I felt they could groove better. Any beat that was tweaked is noted in the changelist on both relevant product page and accompanying readme PDF.

I added additional drum fills in sections where no fills are present in original song recordings. All such fills are clearly labeled as “EXTRA FILL- not part of song,” and you can delete them within the BB Manager if you prefer the original. Song sections that contain more intricate beats that last multiple measures were left untouched.

SIMPLIFIED SONG FORMS (where possible)
Some songs are now much slimmer with regards to the number of sections.

Certain songs had to have their time signatures changed in order to make them properly play in transitions or fills. For example, some grooves were changed from 4/4 to 2/4 to allow a 2/4 transition to playback as it should. The sound of grooves remains unchanged.

The following packs now contain songs not previously included in them: The Beatles, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton.



We have previously capitalized the names of all albums released in the Premium Library. This is no longer the case.

“The Most Popular Cover Songs Of All Time” series has been shortened to “The Most Popular Cover Songs” and volume numbers have been placed at the beginning of names for easy viewing on the BeatBuddy.


I hope that you will enjoy these new changes. If something is unclear, drop me a line.


Goran Rista