Brazilian Percussion Drumset

The full range of authentic Brazilian percussion instruments, from the tiny tamborim to the large surdos, meticulously sampled in stunning realism.


Funk Standard Drumset

A punchy, ambient drumset perfect for those Funky beats.


Modern Classic (Gretsch) Drumset

A highly versatile Gretsch maple drumset you can use in your favorite songs.


Retro Custom Drumset

A warm, retro-sounding instrument for classic and contemporary tunes alike. A sampling of a one-of-a-kind custom drumset.


John Bonham- Inspired Drum Set

Large, open, ambient vintage Ludwig kit, produced in the spirit of legendary drummer John Bonham.


Reggae Drumset

Authentic Reggae drumset. Warm, dry with a cracking snare and additional percussion.


Studio Legend Drumset

One of the most recorded drumsets in history- Yamaha Recording Custom. Punchy, warm and with plenty of character.


Standard Pro- drums & percussion

Yamaha Maple Custom set is studio-dry, warm and punchy and it includes full GM percussion. A versatile kit for a variety of contemporary music situations.


Vintage Ludwig Drum Set

Warm and controlled vintage-sounding Ludwig kit recorded to analog tape.


World Percussion Set

Cajon, Bongo Cajon, Udu and other percussion will open up a new world of rhythm possibilities.


Flamenco Percussion Set

Flamenco cajon and other percussion for an authentic and ultra-realistic Flamenco performance.


Jazz Brushes – drum set

The gentle, soothing sound of brushes on a Jazz kit. This kit features sweeps on snare drum.


Mallets – drum set

Gentle sounds of drum set played by mallets- perfect for acoustic performances!


Drum & Bass – drum set

Hear the drum & bass beats that came with your pedal the way they are supposed to sound!


Ballad – drum set

Deep, fat sound with longer reverberation time, perfect for Pop/ Rock ballads.


Phil Collins- inspired – drum set

Inspired by the legendary drum sounds of Phil Collins.