Brazilian Percussion Beats Collection

Ultra-realistic, authentic Brazilian beats for the entire spectrum of Brazilian music styles.


Brazilian Percussion Drumset

The full range of authentic Brazilian percussion instruments, from the tiny tamborim to the large surdos, meticulously sampled in stunning realism.


Funk Beats Collection

Turn your BB into a Funk beat master with the most complete Funk beat collection ever.


Funk Standard Drumset

A punchy, ambient drumset perfect for those Funky beats.


Jazz Beats Collection

A comprehensive collection of simple swing Jazz beats.


Mellow Beats For Songwriters Collection

Drums don’t have to be played hard to groove hard. Use these beats for all of your lighter songs.


Modern Classic (Gretsch) Drumset

A highly versatile Gretsch maple drumset you can use in your favorite songs.


World Beats Collection

A comprehensive collection of percussion beats drawn from rhythms around the world. An excellent choice for acoustic performers.