Jimi Hendrix- Beats In The Style Of

Top 10 Hits of Jimi Hendrix Career


Gig Essentials- Swung & Shuffle Beats

Essential beats for Blues, Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock and more. All swung, all grooving high!


Eric Clapton- Beats In The Style Of

Top 16 hits by the English Blues/ Rock icon.


John Mayer- Beats In The Style Of

Drum beats for 15 of John Mayer’s most popular songs.


Stevie Ray Vaughan- Beats In The Style Of

Beats for 10 of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s most popular songs.


ZZ Top- Beats In The Style Of

Got beard? Can Rock!


MEGA PACK- All in 3

Drum beats in 3/4. A massive collection of 67 songs, comprising of 418 drum beat variations and a bagful of fills.



5th lot of songs you will most likely get requested on a gig.


Gig Basics – beats

The simplest forms of essential beats you’ll need as a gigging musician. Variety of styles.