Brazilian Percussion Beats Collection

Ultra-realistic, authentic Brazilian beats for the entire spectrum of Brazilian music styles.


Brazilian Percussion Drumset

The full range of authentic Brazilian percussion instruments, from the tiny tamborim to the large surdos, meticulously sampled in stunning realism.


World Beats Collection

A comprehensive collection of percussion beats drawn from rhythms around the world. An excellent choice for acoustic performers.


Gig Essentials- Swung & Shuffle Beats

Essential beats for Blues, Jazz, Funk, Pop, Rock and more. All swung, all grooving high!


Drums With Percussion Beats

Drum beats are groovier and so much more fun when combined with percussion! For Standard Pro drum set only.


Standard Pro- drums & percussion

Yamaha Maple Custom set is studio-dry, warm and punchy and it includes full GM percussion. A versatile kit for a variety of contemporary music situations.


Hand Drum Beats mini pack

Your BB pedal came with a hand percussion set. Here are 5 songs that make full use of it, for FREE!


World Percussion Fusion Beats

Infectious percussion grooves based on rhythms from around the world.


Flamenco Beats vol.2

More of authentic Flamenco beats in even more styles.


Cafe Gig- Cajon Essentials Beats

Smaller venue= smaller drum set. Basic versions of essential beats performed on cajon, for lighter sound.


World Percussion Set

Cajon, Bongo Cajon, Udu and other percussion will open up a new world of rhythm possibilities.


Flamenco Percussion Set

Flamenco cajon and other percussion for an authentic and ultra-realistic Flamenco performance.


Hand Drum – beats

Beats specifically created for use with default PERCUSSION drumset supplied with the pedal.


Flamenco Beats vol.1

Authentic Flamenco beats in a variety of styles.