Designed for Personal Drummer. Requires Beatbuddy MANAGER SOFTWARE TO LOAD It.

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  • A poster artwork depicting an African American woman with heart-shaped glasses from the '70s, associated with Funk music genre
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    Funk Beats Collection

    Turn your BB into a Funk beat master with the most complete Funk beat collection ever.

  • Funk Drumset artwork for BeatBuddy
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    Funk Standard Drumset

    A punchy, ambient drumset perfect for those Funky beats.

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    Jazz Beats Collection

    A comprehensive collection of simple swing Jazz beats.

  • Brazilian Percussion instruments artwork
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    Brazilian Percussion Drumset

    The full range of authentic Brazilian percussion instruments, from the tiny tamborim to the large surdos, meticulously sampled in stunning realism.

  • Brazilian percussionist playing pandeiro with Rio De Janeiro in the background
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    Brazilian Percussion Beats Collection

    Ultra-realistic, authentic Brazilian beats for the entire spectrum of Brazilian music styles.

  • Artwork poster showing a Gretch drumset
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    Modern Classic (Gretsch) Drumset

    A highly versatile Gretsch maple drumset you can use in your favorite songs.