Designed for Personal Drummer. Requires Beatbuddy MANAGER SOFTWARE TO LOAD It.

Drum Beats

MIDI drum loops created for use with BeatBuddy pedal.

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    Jazz Beats Collection

    A comprehensive collection of simple swing Jazz beats.

  • Brazilian percussionist playing pandeiro with Rio De Janeiro in the background
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    Brazilian Percussion Beats Collection

    Ultra-realistic, authentic Brazilian beats for the entire spectrum of Brazilian music styles.

  • Hands playing Cajon Bongo percussion instrument
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    World Beats Collection

    A comprehensive collection of percussion beats drawn from rhythms around the world. An excellent choice for acoustic performers.

  • A songwriter playing guitar by the moonlight
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    Mellow Beats For Songwriters Collection

    Drums don't have to be played hard to groove hard. Use these beats for all of your lighter songs.

  • A poster for Metal style of music depicting a skeleton holding a cross.
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    Metal Beats Collection

    A large collection of Metal beats to help you riff out in a number of Metal subgenres.

  • Country Music drum beats artwork for BeatBuddy. Contains an acoustic guitar, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots.
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    Country Beats Collection

    A comprehensive collection of beats, covering a range of Country Music subgenres such as Classic Country, Country Folk, Americana, Rockabilly, Nashville Sound, and more.