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Beat Elements - beats



Sometimes what you need is a simple pulse on hi-hat or ride that keeps the time, but doesn’t distract from the music. We created a number of simple time-keeping loops on single drum components (such as a solo hi-hat or a ride), as well as combinations of a couple of drum kit elements (eg. kick and hi-hat).

You can use these beat elements for entire sections of songs, for breaks or for intros among other uses. If what they say is true that “less is more”, then you have plenty of “more” to choose from.


Included are:

  • 26 beat elements
  • Kick only, snare only, cross stick only, hats only, ride only
  • Combinations
  • Halftime, ¼’s, 8th’s, 16th’s

This album is included in The Complete Collection 2020.



Production Studio: GoranGrooves

Producer: Goran Rista