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Flamenco Beats vol.1



Authentic Flamenco rhythms perfect for live performances or learning with the help of the BeatBuddy beat indicator. NOTE: You must have the Flamenco Percussion set installed on your BB in order for these beats to play back and sound as intended.

Don’t play Flamenco, but you play songs in 3/4 or 6/8? Why not throw in some of these rhythms instead for a fresh approach?

Fire it up even more with included encouragement yells, triggered by footswitch.

In this volume 12 songs are included in the following Flamenco styles:

  • Buleria- moderna en 12
  • Buleria- al golpe
  • Buleria- en seis tiempos
  • Buleria- en seis octavos
  • Buleria- antiguas en 12
  • Jaleo (tradicional)
  • Solea Por Buleria (tradicional)
  • Solear- compas moderno
  • Solear- compas antiguo
  • Seguriya (tradicional)
  • Alegria- soniquete moderno
  • Alegria- soniquete antiguo


For more Flamenco styles, see the Flamenco volume 2.

Note that while most Flamenco is counted in 12 eight note beats, here most of the beats have been created in 6 quarters, which is essentially the same, but counted half time.

This album is included in The Complete Collection 2020.


Changelist update 1.1

  • Fills for all songs (first 2 or 3 sections)
  • Change castanetes in fills for cajon


Production Studio: GoranGrooves

Producer: Goran Rista