Designed for Personal Drummer. Requires Beatbuddy MANAGER SOFTWARE TO LOAD It.

Brazilian Percussion Drumset



A full Brazilian percussion ensemble consisting of a complete range of authentic Brazilian instruments is now available for your BeatBuddy.

Each instrument was carefully tuned and treated before being played by percussion expert Kenneth Metzker at full dynamic range and with every articulation. Everything was captured in minuscule detail using high definition microphones set up for true-to-life stereo imaging. The recordings were then meticulously mixed and edited by Goran Rista and mapped for BeatBuddy.

The results are stunning: ultra-realistic, natural, life-like percussion section that you have to hear to believe.

The following percussion instruments with various articulations are included in this BeatBuddy drumset:

  • Surdo 1 (tuned to C-1)
  • Surdo 2 (tuned to D-1)
  • Surdo 3 (tuned to G-1)
  • Alfaia
  • Rebolo
  • Handclaps
  • Caixa
  • Zabumba
  • Repinique (hand, sticks)
  • Timbau
  • Congas (quinto and conga)
  • Agogo bells
  • Caracaxa
  • Ganzas
  • Whistle
  • Caxixi
  • Reco reco
  • Woodblocks
  • Quica
  • Triangulo
  • Xecuere
  • Chocalho
  • Pandeiro 1
  • Pandeiro 2 (large)
  • Tamborim (hand, stick, hot rod)
  • Gongue
  • Berimbao

Blow your audience away by pairing this drumset with the authentic Brazilian Percussion Beats.

Brazilian Percussion Drumset for BeatBuddy drum map is available here.

This release is included in the Complete Collection 2023

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Producer: Goran Rista