Designed for Personal Drummer. Requires Beatbuddy MANAGER SOFTWARE TO LOAD It.

Country- Beats Collection



This comprehensive collection of beats for Country Music will allow you to perform just about every Country song out there. These authentic-sounding beats will cover all your needs for a full-spectrum of Country sub-genres, tempos and feels.

Included in this collection are:

  • A total of 147 drum beats arranged into 65 BeatBuddy songs
  • Over 400 accompanying drums fills for all songs and beats
  • Time Signatures:
    • 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8
  • Range of tempos:
    • From super-slow Country Rock ballads to ultra-fast Rockabilly
  • Feels:
    • Straight
    • Swung
    • Shuffles
    • Stretched Shuffles (in-between swing and straight)
  • Country Waltzes
  • Country Swing
  • Brushes Beats


Country Sub-Genres:

    • Classic Country
    • Americana
    • Country Folk
    • Nashville Sound
    • Rockabilly
    • Outlaw Country
    • Country Pop
    • Country Blues
    • and more…


This release is included in the Complete Collection 2020.

Production Studio: Icon logo for GoranGrooves production studio

Producer: Goran Rista