Designed for Personal Drummer. Requires Beatbuddy MANAGER SOFTWARE TO LOAD It.

MEGA PACK- All in 3



Based on a popular demand by BeatBuddy users, we have come up with a massive package of 67 songs dedicated to drum beats in 3/4 time signature. A total of 418 drum beats.

Drum beats are provided in 2 main ‘feel’ categories:

  1. straight feel
  2. swing feel (shuffle)

Each ‘feel’ category contains ‘accent’ categories with snare/rim accents on:

  • beat 2
  • beat 2&
  • beat 3

Further, each of these ‘accent’ categories has variations with the kick and subdivisions:

  • quarters downbeats
  • quarters upbeats
  • eight notes (down beat accents)
  • eight notes (upbeat accents)

In total there are 67 BeatBuddy songs and each “song” comes with a drum beat with playing variations on:

  • hats+rim
  • hats+snare
  • ride+rim
  • ride+snare
  • ride bell+snare
  • open hats+snare

With so many variations and options you should be able to put together whatever you need. We have also thrown in some drum fills in both straight feel and swing feel which will complete your songs.

Bonus: beat elements on hats and ride (straight and swung, quarters and eights, downbeat and offbeat). You can use them for breaks, intros, and light sections.

Note that no particular musical songs were made, but rather a collection of 3/4 beats systematically created and carefully organized to give you the tools for whatever 3/4 songs you want to create and play.


This release is included in the Complete Collection 2023

Production Studio: Icon logo for GoranGrooves production studio

Producer: Goran Rista