Designed for Personal Drummer. Requires Beatbuddy MANAGER SOFTWARE TO LOAD It.

Cymbal Beats



No kick, no snare, no toms! When your gig requires a simple light touch, this cymbal beats package may fit the need perfectly. Ideal for: acoustic sets, singer-songwriters, instrumental gigs, light settings, background music…

All beats included in this package are with straight feel (as opposed to swung) and can be used for a number of music styles, where lighter performance is preferred.

219 Beat variations accompanied by the cymbal fills, grouped in 31 “songs” include:

  • Time Signatures
    • 4/4
    • 3/4
    • 5/4
    • 5/8
    • 6/8
    • 7/8
    • 9/8
  • Halftime, Quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes
  • Cymbal swells
  • Crescendo/ Decrescendo beats

Please keep in mind that these “songs” are mostly for preview purposes and that the beats are intended to be re-arranged into songs that suit your particular needs.

While these cymbal beats will work on any regular drumset, we recommend the use of the default Jazz drumset.


This release is included in the Complete Collection 2023

Production Studio: Icon logo for GoranGrooves production studio

Producer: Goran Rista