This content was designed for BeatBuddy drum machine. Requires THE BEATBUDDY MANAGER SOFTWARE TO LOAD IT INTO YOUR BEATBUDDY.

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Reggae- Beats In The Style Of



Whether you are a Reggae musician or would like to give your regular Pop and Rock set a Reggae twist, this collection of beats will have you covered.

When paired with the authentic-sounding Reggae drumset, you can play the beats spiced up with percussion instruments.

Included in the album are:

  • A staggering total of 160 songs* consisting of 320 Beats and 347 fills
  • Straight and Swing feel Beats
  • Accompanying fills
  • One Drop, Steppers and Backbeat variations
  • Quarter, eight and sixteen note variations on hats
  • Percussion layer in each song
  • bonus- Stewart Copeland inspired grooves with kick on quarter note off beats


*Note: Songs included are generic beats compiled into BeatBuddy songs rather than transcriptions and names of songs by actual Reggae artists. They can be used for the widest variety of actual Reggae songs.

This album is included in The Complete Collection 2020.




Production Studio: GoranGrooves

Producer: Goran Rista