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Jazz Brushes - beats



This drum beats collection takes advantage of Jazz Brushes Drum Set by featuring soothing snare sweeps, as well as swing and straight beats the way a Jazz drummer would play them. They are straight ahead and quite easy to follow.

They will only play back as intended when used in conjunction with Jazz Brushes Drum Set (different to the default brushes drum set supplied with the pedal).


Included are:

  • Jazz Brushes Medium Swing
  • Jazz Brushes Ballad
  • Jazz Brushes Ballad 2
  • Jazz Brushes Ballad 3
  • Jazz Brushes Straight 1
  • Jazz Brushes Straight 2
  • Jazz Brushes ¾
  • Jazz Brushes ¾ 2
  • Jazz Brushes ¾ 3
  • Jazz Brushes Up Tempo Swing
  • Jazz Brushes 6/8 Medium

This album is included in The Complete Collection 2020.



Producer: Goran Rista

Production Studio: GoranGrooves