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The Police- Beats In The Style Of



The Police’s unmistakable sounds came from fusing Pop/ Rock with Reggae, while Sting’s brilliant songwriting abilities created timeless hits.

This pack features 10 of The Police’s most popular songs showcasing the highly musical, tasteful and unique grooves of drummer Stewart Copeland.


Included are:

  • De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
  • Don’t Stand So Close To Me
  • Every Breath You Take
  • Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  • King Of Pain
  • Message In A Bottle
  • Roxanne
  • So Lonely
  • Synchronicity II
  • Wrapped Around Your Finger


All songs contain full beat arrangements, along with fills, as heard on The Police original studio recordings.

These beats will work on most regular BeatBuddy drumsets. For best results, we recommend the Standard Pro drum set.

This album is included in The Complete Collection 2020.


Changelist Update 1.1

  • De Do Do: groove 1, groove 3 (o hats), / extra fills
  • Don’t Stand So Close To Me: groove 1 (o hats), fill 3 (hats) / extra fills
  • Every Breath You Take: shorten into fill to 1 bar / extra fills
  • Every Little Things She Does Is Magic: intro fill (hats), interlude (hats), interlude 3, / extra fills
  • Kind Of Pain: groove 3, groove 5 (hats), groove 7 / extra fills
  • Message In A Bottle: groove 5 (hats), groove 7 (hats), groove 8 (hats), groove 9, / extra fills
  • Roxanne: intro (hats), groove 1 (hats), groove 3 (hats), interlude (hats), groove 7 / extra fills
  • So Lonely: fill 4 (hats), / extra fills
  • Synchronicity: extra fills
  • Wrapped Around Your Finger: extra fills


Production Studio: GoranGrooves

Producer: Goran Rista